Sunday, November 1, 2009

From the mouth of babes...

Listening to another tech's call one day:

After asking if modem is directly connected to the Internet? Do you have a router? And getting "I don't know. It was working and now it is not."

If you do not know what equipment you have there why don't you trace the ethernet cord from your computer. What is it connected to?

Answer: Another box, I think.

Is there anyone in the house that can help?

My son,but he is very young. Don't think he could help.

After explaining that her computer is not connecting to the modem, but another device is and we just need to understand how she is connecting. Does she have a router?

Still unable to give clear answers. Please ask your son to come and give us some help.

He cannot come as he is busy playing XBOX over the internet.

Tech explains that the young boy is smart enough that when his game station did not work through your router, he directly connected his Gamebox so that he could play. Bypassing the router has made anything connected to it unable to connect.

-thanks Melissa