Friday, December 4, 2009

Storyline I wrote a while back

This was going to be the storyline for a World of Warcraft expansion I was developing with a friend on my personal computer a while back. I ran into it accidentally. Kinda funny, but I think its a good read, and a good start to something bigger..*crosses fingers and chants "hire me blizzard, hire me blizzard..."*

Azshara, a land basked in eternal fall. Once home to a great Night Elf city is
now the home to demons and greedy Naga. However, a darker evil resides in
Long ago, when the evil came, many night elf cities and towns in
Azshara were turned to rubble. Their main city , named Zin-Azshari, was the
center of the devestation. Darnassus is but a shadow of what Zin-azshari was.
All that remains are ruins and the , now lush, Crater. The Crater was the center
of Zin-Azshari, and the focal point of the devistation. A wave of corrupted
energy swept through the city laying waste to everything in its path. Its lands,
its beasts, its buildings, and its people were extinguished like a candle in a
But, with death comes new life. The corruption has worn off the land
and life has returned ten fold to the area. The ruins of Zin-Azshari are now
home to much wildlife and vegitation. Unfortunately the demons were not able to
escape the Crater to return through the Dark Portal. The ones trapped are
plotting their takeover...
The explosion caused by the Dark Portal corrupted the land. It literally caused
the surrounding earth to rise up upon itself, trapping the greatest of evils
within. This area became known as Azshara Crater.
A few brave explorers, Horde and Alliance, teamed up to view the land
in this cursed place. Upon the reopening of the Dark Portal the Cenarion Circle
dispatched an expeditionary force - joint night elf/tauren, much like the Circle
itself - to explore the uncharted new world. Over time the Cenarion explorers
grew more autonomous and became their own faction within Outland and now Azshara
Crater, separate and yet connected to the Cenarion Circle. This faction is known
as the Cenarion Expedition. They managed to find a weak point in the mountain
surrounding Azshara Crater. One path in, one path out. Since its discovery it
has been found to be a rich resource of materials and fertile farm land. There
is one problem, Horde and Alliance must team up to defeat the evil that lurks