Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh, you have kids?!? +10 constitution!

Sitting at work, reviewing the last week of my life. It seems like the last week everything I have touched turned to fail for no reason. Plus being sick as a dog makes the bleaker side of life more interesting to me for some reason. Dark moods always follow me in sickness. Anyways, a life change would be a nice thing at this point in time. All of the major changes that hopefully will happen are up in the air right now and the anxiousness of them actually happening is wearing thin. Its actually gotten to the point of "JUST FUCKING HAPPEN ALREADY". New house, new job, new start all have incredible hang time that I'm just straight over.

I'm visualizing the possibilities with the new place right now, and it is making me a bit happier. I may be able to turn the basement into a command center/ man zone if the wife doesn't meddle....which I'm sure she will. I was thinking of a nice geek center with a bar off to the side, some carpeting, a server, *begins drooling*....omg my own space...its been years since I've had my own space. I've got to refinish it first though so that should be fun...

I'm not being chauvinistic, but my wife's space is the living room and kitchen....not because she's a woman but because that's what she gets a hard on over. I could care less about the kitchen...honestly coat everything in stainless steel and make it as easy to clean as possible....but that's not her thought at all lol. Shit I could have the whole house coated in stainless steel after 2 kids and the messes they mac & cheese vomit off a rug SUCKS (although, as gross as it is, as I'm running for a rag the dogs are taking care of the brunt of the!

Children are the most wonderful and horrible adventure you could possibly imagine. You spend allot of time thinking about the days when your freedom was free. Now you pay for freedom, weather it be a babysitter, or living on stolen time by sacrificing sleep to get a moment to yourself. Its amazing though through all the trials and tests they give you, you never even think once you would trade it all in to get your old life back.

I remember waking up one morning to my son making monkey noises in the kitchen, not out of the ordinary for the crazy one that got more of my traits than I care to list. I walk into the kitchen and he is hanging by one arm from the counter and in the other hand a bottle of catsup he is drinking while hanging. And then there's the butter incident where i was woken up to a butter-filled slap to the face. Upon investigation of the house I found a tub of butter the dogs had licked clean and my couch, which the dogs were in the process of licking, coated end to end in a thin layer of butter(not unlike a bakery fresh roll). So as I said before a wonderful horrible adventure. I could go on, but I should save the other stories for another article or podcast.