Sunday, May 23, 2010

Six Year Productions is moving up in the world.

Today I had the chance to interview one of our affiliates, Jason Estephan from "Six Year Productions". He, and his crew, will be attending the YouTube Partner Meet-up roadshow. This is basically a "meet-and-greet" style get together for youtubers to network, share, and co-mingle ideas.

Coming soon the SYP folks will be getting a media bump from our local musical scene. Deathcore band from Buffalo, NY "What Lies Beneath" will have one music video done by Six Year Productions. Also another local band from Buffalo, NY "the BUNNY the BEAR" dubbed experimental post-hardcore electronic will have a music video with possibilities of more done by the SYP folks. Founder of Six year Productions, Jason Estephan, will be the Director, publisher, animator, and editor with assistance from Co-Founder and Writer Jeremy Biniecki.

I asked Jason what he expects to get from the Google/Youtube convention and he replied "Pretty much SYP needs to get bigger and better by selling out and gaining affiliates." I asked "You actually consider it selling out or do you consider it one step closer to making it big?" He replied "Well, it's both". He is very excited about the meetup and the music videos. And in my opinion this is one motivated person to watch out for in the coming years.

Jason is hoping to get some collaborations together in the future. He is also going to try to bring his videos back to their roots, with a few new twists. Some of the upcoming twists include animation, a new geek friendly 8-bit animated logo, collaborations with other youtube stars, and possibly an animated series. So, as I said before this kid has the potential and willpower to become huge. Check him and the SYP crew out at