Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

Aggregate scores
Metacritic98 out of 100
Review scores
Edge10 out of 10
Famitsu37 out of 40
Game Informer9.25 out of 10
GamePro4.5/5 stars
GameSpot10 out of 10
GamesRadar10 out of 10
GameTrailers9.7 out of 10
IGN10 out of 10
Official Nintendo Magazine97%


So far I have played the first 7 levels to completion and I must say this game is a masterpiece, much like the first one but better. The control and ease of play is much like the first one, however there are some new things that require getting used to. This may not be a game children can grasp on to immediately due to some of the control proficiency required.

There's no denying that Super Mario Galaxy is the foundation for Super Mario Galaxy 2. The sequel uses the same engine, same controls, and same basic concept. So if anything, the reason why Super Mario Galaxy 2 is so damn fantastic is mostly due to the fact that the team learned from the first game: what worked, what needed fixing, and how to improve on such an already masterful Wii creation. The result of that effort is one of the most refined and most fulfilling video game experiences of this generation. The original Super Mario Galaxy already oozed creativity as it evolved the once-innovative 3D platforming into something spectacular. In the game, players had the ability to roam areas that ranged from standard Mario-style levels to miniature planetoids with their own orbital gravity, while still utilizing the same familiar and refined game-play mechanics. The sequel steps it up with more of what we got with the first game, while taking the game-play in new directions with sharp and very welcome additions.

This is not only the new standard against which every 3D platformer must now be judged, but it also seamlessly integrates so many elements from Mario's 2D roots that it stands toe-to-toe with even its genre-defining ancestor. Every aspect of this game is absolutely bursting with vibrancy. The colorful artistic design immediately welcomes you into this beautifully designed world, and the catchy soundtrack secretly mixes classic tunes into new compositions to provide the perfect backdrop for your goomba-stomping, star-snatching fun. But it's the expertly designed levels that will keep you coming back, even after you've seen everything this game has to offer, just to experience it one more time. This is an instant classic that belongs alongside the best games Nintendo has ever created.