Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Totem Soup News - Kids on the beat, kids on the beat, BEAT KIDS!, BEAT KIDS!

Original Post by: Carlin DeGuerin Miller

Isaiah Johnson, 13, who attends the Jamie's House Charter School in Houston was doing what many kids his age do: tease other students. One day last April, though, Isaiah's teasing episode turned into a nightmare for any kid. Davis, a 40-year-old science teacher at the school, witnessed Isaiah poking fun at a mentally challenged female student and decided she would handle it her way.

According to eye witnesses at the school, Davis backed the teen in to a corner amid laughter from fellow students, who thought the teacher would only reprimand him. Soon the laughter turned into gasps of horror as Davis began beating the student incessantly, punching, kicking and slapping the defenseless child. All the pint-size Isaiah could do was take the beating and lay on the ground helplessly.

Thankfully, fellow student Janiqua Johnson, also 13, captured the video of the beat-down on her cell phone. Students at the school say there were four or five other adult personnel who also witnessed the beating but were too afraid to intervene on the child's behalf.

Davis was placed on administrative leave after the incident and fired last Monday after officials viewed the video.

Sue Jones, a school spokesperson, was appalled after viewing the video. "It was horrifying. There's just no other word for that," she commented. According to Jones, school administrators are also investigating whether there were other employees present who witnessed the attack and did nothing to stop it.

Isaiah sustained a black eye, a knot on his head that is still present and several other bruises from the attack.

The Harris County sheriff's office has also opened an investigation surrounding the incident.

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