Monday, May 24, 2010

Toten Soup News - Hooters Waitress Fired For Being Fat?


Hooters is being served with a lawsuit by a former Detroit-area employee who says she was told to agree to lose weight or lose her job. Cassandra Smith said Hooters violated Michigan law when it placed her on 30-day weight probation earlier this month. She resigned as a result.

Smith's lawsuit, filed Monday in Macomb County Circuit Court, says she received good reviews while working at the Roseville restaurant. But on May 14, she says she was told to lose weight to improve her looks. Smith said she weighs 132 pounds, 13 pounds less than when she was recruited in 2008. Hooters' servers wear tank tops and tight shorts. Atlanta-based Hooters of America says it has not seen the lawsuit but insists it doesn't enforce a weight requirement.

In a video statement, Cassandra Smith commented that she was told that her uniform was “not properly fitting anymore” . A seemingly callow remark implying that her uniform did fit at one point in her career as a Hooters waitress. To me, when a uniform, bridal gown, prom dress, business suit -- clothes -- no longer fit, it is a clear indication that you are putting on weight.

Cassandra Smith does not have a valid case. Ms. Smith is free to work anywhere else in this great country of freedom and choice, assuming her new employer does not have “standards.” As I’ve said before, if one willingly applies to work at an establishment where image is among the top requirements, then the applicant does indeed have an obligation to uphold that deal; handshake or contract. Cassandra Smith appears to be squatting on the “acceptance bandwagon” and might very well gain support from others who myopically interpret this as an unjust social rights violation.

I personally applaud Hooters; not only are they preventing Cassandra Smith from rolling down a hill headed towards obesity (pun intended) at an early age, but they are upholding their own corporate standards as being “delightfully tacky yet unrefined.”