Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm On Team Werewolf, Lame Sparkly Vampires Are Not Welcome!

Werewolves are humans that change their form, partially or fully, into wolves under the influence of the full moon. In many cases, the change is involuntary, particularly to those who have acquired the werewolf 'curse' through heredity or after having been bitten themselves by other werewolves. Just that description alone is intriguing enough. I continue...

Werewolves are often portrayed as possessing superhuman strength, comparable to that of a dozen normal grown men. In some cases, the werewolf is portrayed as being invincible and nearly indestructible, with decapitation of its head and removal of its heart as the only surefire way to kill one. In other superstition the weapon of choice is the silver bullet, or other weapons made of silver. It got cooler, but I continue further...

Belief in humans that turn into wild predatory (and often nocturnal) animals exists in all major world cultures. Many psychologists attribute this to the natural animal instinct that resides in the psyche of all men, an instinct that existed since the dawn of mankind. In regions of the world where wolves are scarce, or not present at all, humans are sometimes portrayed as transforming into bears, leopards, tigers, or hyenas.

The thought of becoming a werewolf is particularly alluring because of its embodiment of the brutal fierceness of nature itself, and the longing of the human spirit to break out like a wild animal.


Holytotemic, the shaman werewolf…too bad World of Warcrap isn’t allowing Shaman to be werewolves…it would have brought me back.