Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Abraham Lincoln Show

Some time tomorrow evening our affiliates over at Tall Hat Media will be releasing Q&A special. This will be featuring special appearances by Fake Comedian, Jim DeSantis from Movie Brain Rot, and Holytotemic (me) from Totem Soup.

The episodes and clips, available on, are a comedic mish-mash featuring some excellent comedy sketches. The voice actors portray Abraham Lincoln, Lincolns wife, John Wilkes Booth, and many others. Also the pilot episode features fake commercials, which im sure they will be continuing that trend, that are "roll on the floor" funny. They are currently working on releasing their podcasts like a scheduled tv show, preproduced and ready to go. The actual show will be releasing sometime around the beginning of September, as per Chris Michaud, although he said "Follow @tallhatmedia on twitter for production updates and official announcement on the final release date of season 1."

If these guys can keep the comedy fresh and funny as it already is I see a great future of radio gold. I for one am looking forward to whats in store.