Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Frankenstein SSD HD Idea

Ok basically heres my idea:

1. Make a board with ide or sata interface that can read multiple SD/SDHC cards and auto raid on the fly.
2. The board must fit into an external laptop hd case
3. The board must read at least 10 sd/sdhc cards simultaneously and raid them as one "hd"
4. A bios chip properly programmed to read and auto-raid sd/sdhc cards on the fly.

basically the premise behind this idea is to make a potentially large capacity SSD drive available to the masses. Currently the largest SD card available is 32gig. So all people would have to do is buy the converter drive from us (which will probably include a 32gig sd card), and add more over time (maxing out at a 320gig ssd drive at this time).

Total cost of drive with 10 32gig sd cards (320gig SSD) $700.
Total cost of 256gig ssd $600.

My theory behind this is to bring great technology at a great price to a "layaway" world.