Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Embrace Your Geekness Day!

Most of us are a little geeky at heart, so today is the day to let your inner geek shine. "Embrace Your Geekness Day" is a tribute to all the brainy, smart and technically inclined. "Embrace Your Geekness Day" is a great day to be a Geek. Or, to know a Geek.

A geek is an individual who is highly intelligent (brainy) and technically oriented. They are most often associated with the computer, and computer systems world. A geek is usually formal, studious and into his technical world, often to the exclusion of all else. A geek is closely related to a "Nerd". A nerd however, may or may not possess technical expertise.

Some people view the term "Geek" with a negative connotation. Are they jealous of your knowledge and skills, perhaps? We certainly think so.

"Embrace Your Geekness Day" is copyrighted by Wellcat Holidays , and is for people who are "into dungeon games, comic books and doing vampire dress-up," and those who "spend endless hours going strange places on the internet."

For some, that will be no different than every other day, and to take it a step further you could watch all your favorite TV shows online on your laptop, or even your Android phone, instead of turning on the TV. Enjoy Embrace Your Geekness Day to the fullest. Spend plenty of time with your computer. Talk computer lingo and jargon. Host a podcast... If you are a geek, stand tall and proud. Isn't it great to be so brilliant and gifted!?

Oh and Happy Birthday Patrick Stewart! http://www.startrek.com/startrek/view/series/TNG/cast/69063.html And Harrison Ford! http://www.celebritorium.com/celebrity-birthday/Harrison-Ford-date-of-birth-1942-07-13-5268.htm