Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Polls Are In! How Would You Kill Justin Bieber?

Here are the best answers I received:

How would you kill Justin Bieber ?

1. ) I wouldn't kill him just because his fans are annoying. Tbh, I would just want to shave his head.
foam answered

2. ) Force him to listen to baby by himself.
Leo684 answered

3. ) uhm, i'd torture him, slowly, painfully . haha, whos this
Lyndseaaa answered

4. ) id kick him in the throat then drown him in the tears of baby africans
bubblesjr answered

5. ) Misha: I wouldn't kill him. I would dress him up as a girl and make him my little trap sister <3
MAKUNE answered

6. ) :D I would make him watch Celine Dion`s concert from the very beginning to the end.
majolie answered

7. ) I've actually contemplated this many times, but I can't narrow it down to just one way...
fueledbydia answered

8. )I wouldn't, I thrive on the tears and butthurt of the people he pisses off.
captaincooley answered

9. ) I would kill him without my daughter's consent or knowledge. :) (wondering if I know this question poser)
illig answered

10. ) with a wrench while he is on stage
JasonEstepan answered

11. ) I would implant testicles
sullyvan92 answered

12. ) I would kill him by shooting in his head, I want to see how his brain will explode on faces of his fans
ShojoKakumei answered

13. ) Id slowly cut up his body starting from his toes. While he was still alive :)

NoNameFound answered

Number 1 Top Favorite Answer!

14. ) I put a lot of thought into this question.

Option 1: I would tie him to a chair and slowly torture him until he's begging for mercy. I'd probably make him listen to his own crappy music and then a bunch of other crappy music before I finally did him in.

Option 2: Let him decide if he wants to die. Tie him to some kind of Jigsaw contraption. He can choose between losing his tongue/vocal cords and pretty looks or dying.

Both sound quite fun.
daughtry answered

Great answers guys! I love you all and you have no idea how happy you have made me!