Monday, August 2, 2010

This week on Totem Soup

This week we get an in depth look at a local music group "Dead Before Dawn". Our resident panelist Macsnapon did a review on the forums that deserves mention:

Members: Nick - Vocals, Kris - Vocals, Pat - Guitar, The Plague - Bass, Steve - Drums

Dead Before Dawn is not your average Hardcore Thrash band.. They're the type of band I used to look forward to seeing every Saturday at the Continentall, edgy, stompy and loud. Take the B-52's and give Fred's nuts a twist with some barbed wire, turn up the Amps and add a touch of evil to the mood, and that's what Dead before Dawn sounds like. Kris's vocal harmony adds range to Nick's chainsaw screaming with Steve and "The Plague" (Their newest member who wears a clown mask on stage, reminiscent of Slipknot or ICP) pounding out the beat and bass to Pat's guitar licks. It's not a "warm and fuzzy band". It's angry, hellish thrash metal.

Off their new EP is
1. Hello... My Name is DEATH - Haunting, good backbeat
2. What I See - strong and lyrical, good melody, nice hook
3. Dead Before Dawn - Moody and meloncholy

Dead before Dawn will be a band to watch in the upcoming months as they develop new material and grow together as a band.. If their EP is any indication of what's to come, their LP should be very good.

Recording is on Tuesday at 9:30pm (sound checks start at 9pm) and the show should be up by Wed/Thurs depending on editing. We are looking forward to having this awesome band on with us and look forward to having more interviews with other bands and talent to follow!