Saturday, January 15, 2011

Enable Samba Shares In Fedora

Ok, so this plagued me for about a week, but I honestly didn't fiddle with it too much due to laziness. Enabling Samba shares in Fedora allows you to share files to any device on your network which it totally handy. Here we go:

Step 1:
install samba, system-config-services, and system-config-samba
you can do this by using the add/remove software feature and searching for them seperately.

Step 2:
open terminal and type: "sudo system-config-services" without the quotes and find samba and make it start with linux

Step 3:
open terminal and type: "sudo system-config-samba" without the quotes and add the folders you want shared

Step 4:
open terminal and type: "sudo system-config-selinux" without the quotes, click on Boolean and search for "samba" without the quotes and enable all desired samba features.

Step 5:
I would suggest logging out and logging back in

Now you can enjoy your files across the network!

Also for Fedora users that also use Facebook I recommend joining Fedora Project its a new community as of this post but the person who started it really knows his stuff!