Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The "Cover" Project by Travesty Pictures

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/18686928]

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Travesty Pictures produces a song from start to finish, they then film a music video for that song. The finished product generally goes viral due to their creative marketing plan, resulting in huge success for the bands and individuals they produce. This is an ongoing project, that they have already seen great success with. With the proposed budget they will be producing ten videos for this series (our 2011 season).

They have two examples of this project already.

The is their latest video (and video of the series). It's a cover song of "blow" by Kesha expected to reach an audience of around 200,000 people by march.


This next video they recently shot and directed for a band, this is just a look at what some of the videos can / will look like.


This last video is their first video from the project, they have upgraded our equipment and crew since this video. It still shows the potential of what this project can be.


Travesty Pictures is collaboration between ShakeMango and Six Year Productions.

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Project location: Niagara Falls, NY