Friday, April 1, 2011

Totem Soup Side Story: Look At My Horn, My Horn Is Amazing

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Intro Music: MC Frontalot - This Old Man

This is just a quick sidestory featuring Macsnapon and his unexpected birthday gift.

Its getting to that time where the website needs to be paid for. We provide quality entertainment for roughly 11,000 subscribers and we only ask once a year to give and keep us alive another year. Last year we got just enough in donations to keep us up barely, hence no budget for prizes or anything special for our listeners. We keep this going because we enjoy to do it, but in many of our cases are barely able to keep our internet paid for lately. But enough of that...if you like the show and want to see up keep getting better head over to and click the donation link, or go to the totem soup store available on the right side of the site and take a look. Also there is a donation link below this. Thanks in advance!

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