Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Totem Soup WTF Wednesday - 20 Best Yahoo Answers Failures

1. My Answer - If it is assumed you can code a program, then your question is invalid...unless you're a liar.

2. My Answer - That's hot...

3. My Answer - Did you graduate pre-school?

4. My Answer - Roll around in lettuce and cheese, tell me how you feel after.

5. My Answer - I noticed the sky was blue today, is it safe for me to jerk off?

6. My Answer - Stop farting in it you sick fuck.

7. My Answer - Midgets are magical creatures, no one really knows what wonderful wishes they can grant.

8. My Answer - I am at a loss for a response. Stop potentially breeding NOW!

9. My Answer - If his farts smell like KY and jizz you can bet on it!

10. My Answer - You're a dick Trebeck.

11. My Answer -Yes, immediately. Everyone knows girls don't fart. You sir, have been plowing a dude.

12. My Answer - Refer to question 9.

13. My Answer -Keep blowing, and while your at it make him a sammich, dudes love sammiches.

14. My Answer - Refer to question 9.

15. My Answer - Only if served on wooden planks.

16. My Answer - Bitch, wash your crotch...and make me a sammich.

17. My Answer - Instructional Video:

18. My Answer - Put a steak in your own heart, you don't deserve to breed.

19. My Answer - No, but you should buy these: then
personalize them with your name and phone number. After your done go to your closest bar and hand them out to all the ladies asking them if they like the replica. If they reply "yes" ask if they want to see the real thing.

20. My Answer - Take a sharp knife and cut off your dick. This will solve two problems, You will now bleed from your pee hole and you will never breed.