Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Totem Soup Spotlight - The FuMPet Show (a Muppet Show parody by theFuMP.com)

This is a fantastic bit of fun, Enjoy!
~ Holytotemic

The Funny Music Project, a.k.a. The FuMP (http://www.theFuMP.com) does a loving parody of "the Muppet Show" as a tribute to the Twin Cities' sci-fi/fantasy convention MarsCon for the Opening Ceremonies of their 2013 convention. (http://www.marscon.com).

Written and directed by the great Luke Ski (http://www.thegreatlukeski.com), with music by Possible Oscar (http://www.possibleoscar.com), Flat 29 (http://www.flat29.com), Carla Ulbrich (http://www.carlau.com), Rob Balder (http://www.robbalder.com) & Tom Smith (http://www.tomsmithonline.com).


Click the image and check these guys out!

Shout Outs:
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The FuMP
The FuMP Sideshow
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also check out Ray's new project: Your Favorite Martian and buy a track, or two, or three...

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