Monday, July 8, 2013

Totem Soup Science - Power Jacket MK3 - #OMGSCIENCE!

The Future is now! The Power Jacket MK3 is the latest in personal exoskeleton wear. The suit on a first glance looks frail, however it packs the strength above and beyond that of a gorilla! In recent years Japan has erected life-sized statues of giant robots like Tetsujin-28 go (Gigantor) and a Gundam mobile suit, but statues can't defend the island nation from kaiju attack. Perhaps that is why Sagawa Electronics is bridging the gap between fantasy and reality with a working robotic exoskeleton. Apparently if a human in the suit and a gorilla exchanged hugs, the primate would be mush and the suit and human would be left unharmed and damage free. I am also exceptionally amused by their promo video I will be putting below.

The "muscles," the pseudo-musculature, get all the publicity but it's the control of all that power which merits it. The real genius in the design is that you don't have to control the suit; you just wear it, like your clothes, like skin. Any sort of ship you have to learn to pilot; it takes a long time, a new full set of reflexes, a different and artificial way of thinking. The amazing thing about it is the amount of strength, coupled with the precision control that allows the suit to pick up an unboiled egg...and not even crack the shell.

It's simply jsut a suit you wear.Two thousand pounds of it, maybe, in full kit—yet the very first time you are fitted into one you can immediately walk, run, jump, lie down, pick up an egg without breaking it (that takes some practice obviously), dance a jig, and jumping involves an almost feather landing. The video below is the epitome of everything amazing technologically, yet still has the perfect WTF japan feel...