Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Totem Soup Geek News - The New Doctor

enhanced-buzz-23458-1375693803-5     So here we are and the 12th Doctor has been announced, and as you can see from the image it is none other than Peter Capaldi, a Scottish actor, film director, and screenwriter.  I personally am nothing short of excited to see his take on playing The Doctor. We have had our share of nutty and silly doctors and I feel hes going to be in the style of William HartnellJon Pertwee, or Patrick Troughton. The seriousness and wit of the first three doctors combined is the feel I get off him as an actor.

Peter Capaldi has had an extensive career, even including appearances in Doctor Who and its popular spinoff Torchwood (his appearance in Doctor Who can actually be tied in, in the future as well without corrupting the timeline). His appearance in "World War Z" as a W.H.O. Doctor should have been a foreshadowing of things to come honestly. In Torchwood, his role as John Frobisher, was complex and ended badly for him and his entire family. His portrayal of said character was flawless and so well played that in the end you almost felt bad for his chosen fate.

I have good feeling about this choice and I welcome the new addition to the legacy with open arms. It's going to be....Fantastic.