Sunday, August 25, 2013

Totem Soup Tech News - Atom Launcher, the best android has to offer

Today's Totem Soup Tech News is going to be a review on an Android launcher that has topped my every expectation for a launcher. The launcher I speak of is called Atom Launcher. Before we get into the meat and potatoes, I just want to put in writing I do not switch launchers on a day to day basis. I have been using Nova Launcher Prime for over a year now, and before that I used Go Launcher EX, both of which I paid for the full versions of. Go Launcher was a great one, but over time it turned into a battery hogging, cluttered up, clunky launcher that looked very nice, had tons of features, but overall just bogged down the phone and made battery life shit. Next I moved to Nova Launcher and within hours of installing, I bought the full version. This is an incredible and feature rich launcher with decent battery holding, tons of useful additions, and operated at a reasonable speed with minimal issue. Nova Launcher prime was the launcher I wrote home to mom about basically.

Now, we come to Atom Launcher. I initially came across this launcher, not as a discontent towards Nova Launcher, but as a few obscure mentions of it on the XDA Developers forums on unrelated posts. I thought to myself, well I have not seen any real posts on it, but a few respectable people in the community have recommended it to people to use, instead of the ones that came with the alternate ROMs people were using. I installed it and was IMMEDIATELY blown away. This launcher is fast, great on battery, tons of features and options, and configurable to the nth end with tons of skins and addons. Basically this is the sexy baby of Go Launcher and Nova Launcher. Install it and see for yourself, it is currently free...the most you will have to do if you don't like it is uninstall it. From what I have seen so far, this will be the launcher you stick with. All three launchers and a link to the XDA forums can be accessed by clicking the names from earlier in the post.


Included below are a bunch of screenshots taken from my Samsung s3. These show off all the major screens that are available during operation and gives you a feel for the look and overall awesome of this launcher app. Enjoy!



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