Sunday, October 26, 2014

Totem Soup Science - A Day At The Museum

Took a trip to the Buffalo Museum of Science today with the kids. They have a green screen and we totally has some fun with that. My oldest haphazardly wore a green shirt, and we REALLY had a good time with that!




Here's a nice gallery of the pics I took today. Also, not a normal thing, one of the staff paleontologists pulled my kids to the side as he was carting dinosaur bones and gave them a nice education on all the ones he had. Real nice dude.

[gallery type="slideshow" link="file" size="full" ids="5433,5434,5435,5436,5437,5438,5439,5440,5441,5442,5443,5444,5445,5446,5447,5448,5449,5450,5451,5452,5453,5454,5455,5456,5457,5458,5459,5460,5461,5462,5463,5464,5465,5466,5467,5468"]

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more!

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