Friday, February 27, 2015

Totem Soup Update - Dark Skies Are Gonna Clear Up, Put On A Fuck You Face


As of late I have been in the most horrible and vile of moods, which has kept me from blogging even more than usual. Had a good job, had good pay, had a bright outlook...all three good things now gone. Contract work, I think especially in the IT Industry, is soul sucking. You feel disposable. Easily discarded. In most cases you are. I felt recently I was at a job I could work at happily the rest of my life, only to have the contract end and it not get renewed. Sometimes you can pour your soul into something and it just isn't enough.

It has been so hard to do much of anything this past month, even typing out what's swirling in my head seems like a chore. I have become furniture. I like to work, I hate unemployment. The last moth I have been restless mentally, but physically...well, I've worn a hole in my couch.

That's it for now!
- The one, The ONLY, Holytotemic

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