Friday, October 16, 2015

Life Update - Things are good

I have been gainfully employed at a non-contract job for over 6 months now. It feels good to have a job where I am decently paid and not treated as disposable. I have also found with non-contract work, the work you do is also more appreciated.  I have been in the recycled job world for too long, almost 10 years before this. If you do contract or helpdesk work currently and feel under utilized or like a used tissue, get out. Get out now!

This job has been keeping me busy, but it is a good busy. By now, most contract work would have felt soul sucking. I have been keeping hobbies and such active, but it has been at the sacrifice of blogging. I do keep a good photo journal, so that's something. The storage for high resolution photos can be expensive, so I have been trying alternatives, other than wordpress. The last couple galleries were put on imgur, but the people there are kinda dicks about galleries of Zoo trips or Aquarium visits. I guess memes are all they crave.

Lately money has been my only problem. Isn't that everyone's problem really though? I want to get this aquaponics project underway, but I also enjoy feeding my children and keeping the lights on. I do get donations to the site from time to time as well, but they basically just keep the lights on as well. Middle class is becoming a slippery position to keep in the current economy. You either have too much money and want more, or are constantly in the hole. The middle ground, the comfort zone, died with the 90's I think. Maybe we'll get some leaders soon that aren't complete dipshits, but don't hold your breath. The United States is in trouble, we all seem to know it, except for the folks running it...or ruining it as I should say. I am prior Navy, just as a preface, but why do we have a military budget like we do? Seriously, check this out:


If that image doesn't make you want to puke, you have no brain in your head. I know we don't make enough product in this country to cover that budget. Who do we owe this money to? Who is going to come a calling when they want payment? When are we going to keep our noses out of other peoples business and take care of our internal problems first? Lets put it this way, when you are on a plane, and its going down, are you supposed to secure your oxygen mask first, or help with the people around you? It seems to me, we should be in "self preservation" mode.

Looking back on what I have typed so far, I have decided I am with it. Anyways, that's my "state of the union" .
That's it for now!
- The one, The ONLY, Holytotemic

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