Thursday, June 20, 2013

Totem Soup Tech News - Fedora 19

Fedora 19 is coming in a mere two weeks and I am a bit excited. I lost my love for this distro a few years ago when their repository was hacked and one of the poisoned updates destroyed my computer, but I digress. The release schedule is available here:

FC19 is going to be a very feature rich release boasting such features as 3D printing, FreeIPA Two Factor Authentication (Provide Kerberos enabled, LDAP replicated, two-factor authentication for FreeIPA.), Gnome 3.8, And MUCH more! For a full listing of features visit:

Now for a sneek peek...

As you can see the interface is very clean, sporting a very nice system information widget and a sharp weather panel.

It will also still be sporting the task/desktop management system and quick program bar added a few revisions ago.

Personally I think the addition of 3D printing and modeling shows Fedoras constant need to be "in the future" of things. Not many people own these types of printers yet, but I have a feeling this is going to become the "next big thing" in the next 10-20 years. Let me also add the name currently given to this distro is "Schrödinger's Cat", which makes the geek in me giggle, but also makes me wonder will this distro be dead or alive?

All I have to say is I am excited to test out the final drop when it comes in two weeks!

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