Thursday, October 23, 2014

Totem Soup Update - Something New, Why Not?

With my current issues on Facebook, and the instability that lies therein, I have made a decision. Totem Soup Podcast has been down for almost 2 years now, and I doubt it will ever come back with my work, children, and friend situation. Simply put, the economy really doesn't allow for a social life when you have kids and try to be the best parent and provider you can. I will be wiping out all podcast posts and audio related to it. Everything about the podcast is going and this will be where I post whatever the hell I want. I will keep randomly doing memes, comics, videos, and audio, but none of it will be an officially assembled podcast. This is going to be Totem Soup, meaning whatever is flowing through Holytotemic's brain is going to end up here. I will remain on Twitter and Google+ for sure, because they don't care what name I use, as long as I use them. So coming up you are likely to see new memes, new comics, projects I am working on, and just random crazy. I have used "Holy Totemic" as a pseudonym for 12 years, and I will be damned if Mark Zuckerberg is going to take that from me.

That's it for now!
- The one, The ONLY, Holytotemic

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