Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Totem Soup Update - Cutting the ties that bind

The reason I gave for closing my account:
"I have been using the pen name "Holytotemic" for almost 15 years. My closest freinds call me "Holy" for short. I want my name back. I am the ONLY Holytotemic on the internet. Google it. I challenge you to find another thats not linked to me or totem soup. I have personal reasons to not use my real name as well that involve being stalked by *******removed for personal reasons*******. I will be closing my account until the point I can use my pen name, or at least give you my real name but hide the real name from public view."

Good bye Facebook you were the annoying friend I didn't know how to get rid. You were like the hiv, but more time consuming. You were the cause of the loss of so much valuable time. I am 3 times more productive without you. I will remain on Twitter, Google + and here providing content for those who care to follow along.

That's it for now!
- The one, The ONLY, Holytotemic

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