Monday, December 29, 2014

Totem Soup Quotes - Richard Dawkins


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- The one, The ONLY, Holytotemic

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  1. Jesus never harmed anyone. Any professed followers of Jesus who have harmed others in His name without defending others are not following Jesus's example.
    Dawkins blanket comment above is not even scientific in and of itself.
    It destroys its self.

  2. Typical religious drival. Protection of the atrocities religion is responsible for is kin to committing them yourself.

  3. Simply calling it drivel is not reason. But thoughtless comments that breed hate like yours are the source of atrocities of historical proportions. #atheism

  4. I don't breed hate. Atheism has nothing to answer for. Religion has lists to answer for. Over a decade in the middle east being a blip in history. I have an inquisition for you, not to be a crusader, but aren't you sick of "holy wars"? World peace is unattainable as long as religion is in the mix. Period.

  5. Some religions claim to be love. Others make no such claim and are indeed hate.
    You paint with a large brush.

  6. Most religions claim to be love. Truth is my only claim. If it comes across as too harsh for you, I am sorry. Raw truth can be hurtful. The most dangerous religions claim love, but it's all watercolors. The thin veil of watercolor is easily washed away.