Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Totem Soup - A Rant #Morningdump

Tuesday arrives with all the glitter and glamour Monday did. Memory is at an all-time low and the shit list gets longer with more opportunity to forget than ever. Some shit doesn't even hit the list because it's forgotten before it can even be noted. It is amazing that life has turned into this. We are hyper-intelligent ants, but we have no idea who the real queen is. We serve our bosses and false gods all the same. We work for the money to struggle only to have things break that are out of our price range when the light starts to glimmer in the tunnel. Lower middle class under the boot of inflation and low wages.

Here I sit broken hearted...read on a high school bathroom stall never rang so true. However, with the current state of food and what the middle class is forced to sustain themselves on, shitting is never a problem...more inconvenient and uncomfortable generally. I am not a politically correct man, I am honest. You try feeding a family of 4 on organic meats and fresh vegetables. See how many months you can go without paying the bills. The middle and lower classes are forced to dine on pre-packaged, chemical ridden, cancer-causing sustenance that may be about as nutrient-rich as dog food in some cases, I am not sure if that speaks to the human food or dog food industry the most honestly.

As I sit here, getting more and more allergic to my surrounding world, I wonder if it's my surrounding worlds fault or my genetics. Things I had no allergies to for the first 20 years of my life can now kill me or make me extremely sick. Is it out of my realm to think it's not my genetics, but the way the dollar is held over life? Everyone deserves to reach the end of the tunnel and walk into daylight. I work hard, I barely have time for my children and wife, isn't that the American dream? Apparently so.


That's it for now!

- The one, The ONLY, Holytotemic

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