Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Thoughts on Belief and Priorities

If there is a god, what happened to all the visits? Did god decide not to visit anymore, or is it just a story? I mean, back in the day the guy kicked around on earth a ton, now nothing? Seems more like a way uneducated people described things they didn't understand, or dealt with day to day life, in a really shitty time.

One Atheists Diatribe

The stigma of inherited belief, is nothing more than a mind thief. It's a psychedelic experience, without medicinal assistance. Like believing a car engine can work, without pistons. Faeries and unicorns have more place in science, but their elusion from the fossil record is utter defiance. God can help you find your keys and ensure your teams victory, all the while allowing cancer and aids in a baby. That magic sky wizard who favors one nation, but not the fracturing of his whole creation. Religion is the denial of the finality of your existence. The persistence and insistence, denying the universes time and distance. Our coexistence is dependent on the extraction of ignorance. The brilliance of our species, hindered by a sickness. With the genetic imperfection in my own body, how can I conclude intelligent design is even a possibility?

I'm not sure where this world is going, but the destination appears bleak. If we don't drop our petty squabbles over who we love, who we worship, and what lowlife is the coolest on TV, we will fail as a species. Maybe not in my lifetime, but not too far in the future. Species we depend on are already in the final throws of extinction. Weather patterns are changing. Working a good job, to barely survive, has become the norm. Our political systems do not support the people, but a small fraction. We work, to ensure the lifestyles of those in power. We work, in fear of losing our jobs. Fearing the day we step out of line, and everything comes crashing down. Free time. family time, and needed rest have been replaced with profit margins and deadlines. Why waste what little free time we do get, being told we aren't good enough? Why waste what little money we have paying for a building, that is useless without the people that visit it once a week? Why waste breath on words whispered into the stars, when action is what we most need?

Thanks for listening.
- The one, The ONLY, Holytotemic

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