Saturday, July 21, 2018

Urban Exploration: Cargills

Photos, video highlights, and drone footage of our urban exploration of Cargills Grain Elevator.

Drone: F100 Ghost retrofitted with a GoPro session.

All HD Photos and uncut video for this available here:

Completed in 1925, the grain elevator was constructed by a co-operative of Canadian wheat farmers known as the Saskatchewan Co-operative Elevator Company. The cooperative owned the elevator until 1945 but turned over daily operations to Superior Grain Corporation, an offshoot of the Superior Elevator. It was purchased in 1945 by investors who called themselves the "Pool Elevator Company." Pillsbury purchased the elevator facility in January 1952 for $1 million. The Cargill company later purchased the facility in 1964 as a holding facility for grain. Cargill eventually left Buffalo, abandoning the building. Cargill allowed the Pool to stand idle and to become delinquent in property tax payments. Upon default, the city of Buffalo placed the Pool on the auction block.

The Pool Elevator, like all other grain elevators in Buffalo, was deeply affected by the 1959 opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Because the Buffalo elevators could be by-passed outright via the Seaway, fewer customers each year saw value in unloading grain to an elevator and reloading to rail cars bound for eastern ports.

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